We know that whilst escorts from other countries have their own appeal, the vast majority of clients want to meet one of the English escorts Manchester boasts. It makes no difference whether they are overseas visitors in the UK on vacation or on a business trip, or are British themselves, they value the exceptional talents of an English escort above all others. What is it about these sexy beauties born and bred in this country? An English escort has it all to offer. It is the reputation of a certain provocative reserve, which then transforms into the deepest passion, leaving you satiated in all ways. That is why English escorts in Manchester are renowned around the world. They have the style, the panache, the sophistication that sets then apart.

Perfect English escorts in luxury hotel surroundings

An English escort makes a great hotel escort in Manchester. She knows how the system works, how to reach your room un-noticed, even the layout of some  of the Manchester hotels, all of which helps where discretion is required. But when they are alone with you, at your apartment, house or hotel, then things develop fast. They may look cool, and elegant, but when it comes down to sharing their time and companionship then they throw aside any apparent reserve and let their unbridled sensuality run free and unrestrained. There is an extra frisson between the contrasts in her behaviour which makes everything so sexy.

There are many English escort types

Of course, the pale blonde escorts are the typical image of an English rose, pale  creamy skin, flaxen hair, baby blue eyes, they are the vision that many overseas clients have of meeting their English escort. But the brunette English escorts have just as much to offer. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that these are the high class English escorts Manchester is famous for!

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