Yes it works both ways! She may look perfect for you – you have chosen her from amongst the many Cheshire escorts advertising either as independent escorts in Cheshire or from one of the high class escorts agencies that cover the North West. But what about her finding you to be the sort of guy that she wants to stay with a little longer and hopes that you will ask for again?

  • Show her the respect she deserves, she will always be discreet about you, so she expects that in return and when you are together treat her as you would any other date. She will love you for it.
  • Don’t be late if you are meeting her as an incalls escort and if you are meeting her at a restaurant always be there to greet her. Don’t leave her in an awkward position wondering if you are going to turn up!
  • Incalls escorts will also appreciate you leaving on the time arranged too. She may have another date later on and will want to freshen up and look as lovely as she did for you. If you are having a fantastic time and want to stay for longer, then ask if this is possible and obviously this will be an extra charge.
  • Escorts offering incalls in Cheshire will offer you a shower before things get intimate, it’s a great way to feel fresh and she might like to join you for fun. A Cheshire outcalls escort will expect you to be freshly showered when she arrives at your hotel room or home.
  • The escort you have booked will indicate which adult services in Cheshire she offers, so don’t press her to do something that she doesn’t feel comfortable with. If you are not sure, then check when you book by politely asking about special services.
  • Don’t rush things the moment the door closes! Take a few moments to relax together, you will both find everything falls naturally into place.
  • Set the agreed fees down on a table near her or where she indicates. Don’t be offended if she checks it as not everyone is as honest as you. She will possibly have been cheated before.
  • On longer dates, or dinner dates in Cheshire, sharing a glass of wine together can help you both feel relaxed, but no one likes a drunken partner, so remember your priorities.
  • Whilst she may be loving every minute, she is there for you so take things at your pace.
  • But, remember she is an individual and a human being, it’s nice to pick up on her cues just as she picks up on yours.
  • She will be happy if you stay and chat for your full appointment time, or you have to leave and go o to work right after. She won’t be offended either way.
  • You can check if she likes to be reviewed, some escorts prefer not to receive reviews, so asking her is polite and keeping it simple is enough, no specifics are needed.
  • If you start seeing a regular escort because you find her perfect for your requirements, especially if you like certain things, a little gift occasionally works wonders and makes her feel special.
  • Remember! No matter how fantastic she is – don’t fall in love, she is your escort and feelings can get in the way of a genuinely good time.
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